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HMRC Specialist Investigations & Local Compliance Fraud Teams

HMRC’s Specialist Investigations (SI) and Local Compliance Fraud (LCF) teams bring together HMRC’s top investigators to undertake enquiries into the most serious cases. Normally the LCF teams will take the cases where HMRC suspects a lower amount of tax is involved or the nature of the tax fraud is less complex. The Specialist Investigations team will undertake the investigations where the issues are more complex or where the evaded tax is considered to be significant.

These teams are responsible for investigations carried out under the procedures set out in Code of Practice 9 – the cases where HMRC suspects serious tax fraud or tax evasion.

HMRC’s Specialist Investigations Teams also deal with serious cases of tax avoidance under the procedures set out in Code of Practice 8.

Tax investigations will often appear to be conducted by a different office of HMRC, with the Specialist Investigations team behind the scenes. This will happen if, for example, HMRC are looking at a particular tax avoidance scheme with many participants, only a sample of whom are reviewed in detail.

Specialist Investigations Teams are also responsible for cases which fall within the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility and other complex offshore cases.

In addition, these teams consult with the Criminal Prosecutions team to decide which cases will be investigated under Code of Practice 8 or Code of Practice 9 and which cases will be subjected to Criminal Tax Investigations with a view to obtaining a criminal prosecution.

How can WLH Tax Help?

Cases undertaken by HMRC’s Specialist Investigations and Local Compliance Fraud teams are amongst the most serious cases. If you are subjected to an investigation by one of these teams it is essential that you are properly represented.

WLH Tax is a specialist tax investigation practice. Our team is experienced at dealing with tax investigations carried out by HMRC’s Specialist Investigations Teams and Local Compliance Fraud Teams.

We will defend your interests in order to minimise the effects of the investigation, not only in terms of the costs in tax and associated penalties but also in terms of the professional fees incurred. We will also shield you, as far as possible, from the stresses and strains involved in being the subject of a thorough investigation by HMRC’s best investigators.

WLH Tax will negotiate any additional tax which may be due, and will put forward arguments to minimise your tax liability and the penalty charged.

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If HMRC’s Specialist Investigations Team or Local Compliance Fraud Team has opened an enquiry into you or your business then please contact us on 020 7491 9690 or 020 7491 9696 for a free, confidential and no obligation discussion. We are happy to have an initial free of charge meeting with prospective clients.