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Do I qualify for the LDF?

There are a number of criteria that need to be satisfied before entrance into the LDF can be secured:

  • You held an asset in Liechtenstein as at 1 September 2009; or
  • You held an offshore (outside the UK) asset at 2 September 2009 and have subsequently acquired a ‘relevant asset’ in Liechtenstein (the transfer-in option).
  • You are not being investigated by HMRC under Code of Practice 9 (Contractual Disclosure Facility previously known as Civil Investigation of Fraud).
  • You are not being investigated for a criminal tax matter.
  • Your offshore bank account was not opened via a UK branch or agency.
  • HMRC has not communicated with you previously as part of its Offshore Disclosure Facility (ODF) or New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO) campaigns.

It is not necessary for all overseas assets to be transferred to Liechtenstein to qualify for the LDF under the transfer-in option; provided a Liechtenstein connection is established so that a Liechtenstein Financial Intermediary can issue a Confirmation of Relevance that “relevant property” is now held, the LDF can be utilised.

WLH Tax are specialists in this area and have significant experience in managing LDF disclosures - it is vital that specialist advice is sought before any decision to contact HMRC is made.

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