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In recent years, HMRC has publicised various Campaigns targeted at particular groups of taxpayers. For example, they have launched campaigns for plumbers, medical professionals, buy-to-let landlords, online traders and people with offshore bank accounts. In each campaign HMRC gave the taxpayer an opportunity to come forward and make a voluntary disclosure of any irregularities; the incentive offered was that HMRC would limit the period over which they would recover the unpaid tax. Reduced financial penalties were also imposed. On the contrary, if a taxpayer did not come forward then HMRC would view any irregularities more seriously and impose higher financial penalties.

Please see the following pages for more information on current campaigns being offered by HMRC:

Even if HMRC does not launch a campaign into a taxpayer’s particular sector, they will still look favourably on any taxpayers who come forward and make a voluntary tax disclosure.

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